He wasn’t eating, he slept only on his side and he never even tried to get up. Prescription medications had no effect.

His owners were on a mission to find a solution, and that’s when they found acupuncture and osteopathy clinic. When Kenzo arrived at the clinic, he seemed to be in pain.

Dr. Trudel’s first instinct was to prepare his owners for the possibility of euthanasia. Obviously, that’s not a reality any pet owner wants to face, so they made up their mind to try everything they could. They knew the journey ahead would be long.

Dr. Trudel performed acupuncture on Kenzo and his owners decided to wait a full 24-hours before making a snap judgement about the results.

Kenzo arrived lying on his side. After the first treatment, he left lying on his stomach. Dr. Trudel saw him again two weeks later; he was walking.

Alternative medicine specialists can recount many stories like this one.

“I want people to know that euthanasia is not the only solution,” explains Dr. Trudel. “When medicine or surgery are not an option, or there is advice against them, it is really worth the effort to try an alternative medicine. There are of course, many animals that are not euthanized because we have otherwise treated them.”

Are you looking for a solution for helping your pet?

Would you like to try the most natural treatments possible but are confused by all the options? This short guide is for you.

Like you, many pet owners have found that traditional medicine is either not enough or too harsh on their pets. Like you, these owners consider their pet like a member of the family, and they will do everything in their power to give them the best care and, in the worst-case scenario, avoid euthanasia.

Animals quickly become part of the family. They fill an essential emotional need; we establish a real relationship with them. They remind us of our connection to nature and bring us back to what is essential.

What can touch your heart more than genuine concern from our dog when you’re feeling sad? What is more heart-warming than a cat nuzzling up to you after you’ve had a long day?

Animals force us to stop and enjoy the moment.

Recent surveys* show that the United States has over 310 million pets of all sorts, most of these being dogs, cats and fish. More than 44% of households own a dog and more than 35% own a cat.

Traditional veterinary medicine has made spectacular advances in the past few years and remains essential to the well-being of our companions. However, this is also the case for the different alternative medicines.

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